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11 Awesome Valentine's Day DIYs for Kids

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I wanted to share some fun crafting ideas for you and your little ones! From turning toilet paper rolls into adorable love bugs to creating no-sew heart pillows, these projects are sure to make your Valentine's Day a special one. So grab your art supplies and let's dive into this compilation of the best Valentine's Day crafts for kids!

You can’t go wrong with this playful Valentine's Day activity using Play-Dough. This hands-on project is not only fun, but also a fantastic way for little ones to explore their creativity and make personalized, squishy Valentine's Day creations!

Pre-K Pages

Ever tried making Valentine's Floam Slime? It's not just gooey fun; it's a sensory adventure that'll keep the kids entertained while letting them get creative.

I Heart artsncrafts

These adorable thumbprint heart glass gem magnets are not just cool fridge decorations; they're also a sweet keepsake of tiny fingerprints, making it a memorable Valentine's Day gift.

Rhythms of play

These cute salt dough hearts would make a great Valentine’s Day gift. You can even personalize them to look like conversation hearts!

The best ideas for kids

Turn trash into treasure with this fun toilet paper roll craft. It's a great way to get creative this Valentine’s Day while also being resourceful!

Red ted art

Skip the needle and thread and jump into a no-sew adventure with this cute heart-shaped pillow craft. This would be a great group activity for a party, and it earns extra points for being a creative way to get the kids to practice their fine motor skills!

Sugar, Spice and Glitter

This fun Handprint Tree Craft would make a perfect gift for a parent or grandparent this Valentine's Day !

I Heart Crafty Things

These adorable Pom Pom Monsters are a great opportunity for fine motor skill development. Plus, they are so stinking cute!

Practically Functional

Turn your windows into a gallery of love with Hanging Hearts Window Art. This simple yet elegant craft is fun for the whole family to make and adds a touch of holiday charm to your home!

The Wiegands

Let the sun shine through with these Valentine Heart Sun Catchers. A beautiful combo of colors, these sun catchers are the perfect Valentine's Day decor.

Little Hiccups

Wrap up your crafty journey with this versatile heart craft for kids. This little guy will be a big hit and so much for the little ones to create!

The Resourceful Mama

So, gear up for some crafty adventures, enjoy the process, and have a super fun Valentine's Day!

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